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April 1, 2019

Why the Movement to ASO Benefit Plans, Part 2

Administration Services Only Benefits ASO Part 2

Last month we started discussing why employers are moving towards ASO Benefits, also sometimes referred to as Hybrid Plans. We covered the first 2 reasons and discussed 1., the changes in Technology which allows it to be done efficiently and 2., how Cost Control and Flexibility appeals to everyone.

This month we will go a little deeper into 3: Risk Sharing Solutions, and 4: Education and Habits.

  • Risk Sharing Solutions: Traditional benefit plans have placed all of the risk with the insurance companies in the past. These days risk is now shared between employers, employees and insurance companies. Costs and benefits are structured in such a way that a benefit package can be cost effective, offer flexibility, be fair to all and predictable. Is it time to sit down with the Benefit Guys and discuss your options?

  • Education and Habits: Many employers and employees are taking advantage of the vast amounts of knowledge now available. As Brokers like The Benefit Guys offer people the new cost effective options, which ASO/Hybrid plans offer, more education occurs and the word spreads. But people are creatures of habit. They have been using the same plan forever and like it so much they have no interest in investigating other options. Habits are hard to break. Let's help start a new habit and give The Benefit Guys a call today.

We would be happy to meet with you and discuss in detail, your needs. Our experience will develop a plan which best fits for your needs and your budget.

"No matter how many employees you have - it's perfect. And it starts with one!"

Our Best Practices Annual Review is available for download. You need to reduce your benefits liability exposure. The content in this document will help you.

Get your preliminary questions answered immediately.

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