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New In Business

We are aften asked how long a company has to be in business to get a benefit plan.  Many insurance carriers want at least a year in business.  You can't afford to wait for a full year in business. That is hard to do if you need to offer ”some type of benefits” in order to attract valuable employees for your startup out of the gate.  We can put a program together for you.  It will be structured to fit your needs and your budget.  Whether you are a non Canadian company looking at expanding in Ontario, or a local entrepeneur going out on your own, you can be assured of practical, affordable solutions.   A diverse, flexible, and affordable benefit plan into which your company can grow can be acheived.

There is nothing for you to worry about in the employee benefits area and you can just get on with building or expanding your business.  

As a new business owner, or new to Ontario rules, you quickly realize all the regulations and compliance issues you face.  Our HR division, The HR Guys can steer you through all areas of HR with knowledgable, current and correct advice.  Everything is more than affordable.  Ask about HR services which are included in our group programs. Check out The HR Guys division here.

Take advantage of the Gains Membership program.  Ask for the details.

Let's start building a better Benefits Plan today.

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