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Health Spending Accounts
and Wellness

  • Establish the amount of annual money you want to make available to employees for any medically incurred expenses; prescriptions, eyeglasses, dental and any other medically necessary procedures or devices.

  • HSA's provide a tax deductible expense to the company and tax free benefit to the employee in all cases. Many Professional Corporations only have one employee like other corporations, (it's usually the principal), which often utilize the flexibility of an HSA.

  • Optional benefits can be added to an HSA reimbursement plan.  Some details and costs for Travel Insurance, Catastrophic Loss and Critical Illness.

  • Employee decides which expenses to claim for themselves and family.

  • We set up HSA accounts within two business days, in house.  No paperwork, no set up fees, on line claims processed twice weekly, low fixed fees. Simple administration for the company and employees. Paperless and very efficient.  Full reports available on line.

  • Wellness Accounts are also available with a Health Spending Account or stand alone.  Help employees pay for kids' sports, smoke cessation, gym memberships and more. 

  • Here is a sample list of covered items in an HSA.

  • Here is a sample list of items covered under a Wellness Plan.

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