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Traditional Group Benefit Plans

  • Insured plans through traditional carriers like Sun Life, Canada Life, Manulife, Empire, etc.

  • Benefit packages usually include Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, (LTD), Critical Illness, Prescription Drugs, Dental, Paramedical Services, Eyeglasses, etc.  Fully customizable.

  • Competitive selections, competitive pricing, individual classifications.

  • We canvass the market on your behalf, review competitive pricing and plans, then put together a simple report with recommendations.  Whether you have an existing plan, are preparing for a renewal or are looking for your first benefit plan, contact The Benefit Guys today for some help.

  • Annual reports, analysis and market review.  

  • Call/Zoom us for a discovery discussion today and find out what current offerings for benefit plans are available.

Get your preliminary questions answered.