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Choosing A Broker Matters

The Broker/Advisor you choose to work with is more important than the Insurance Company which carries your benefit plan. Why?  Because it is the Broker who will help you with all of your needs.  An Independent Broker does the work for you and is not tied to any particular carrier company.  Your Broker is the person you trust for input and advice.  It is a relationship that builds over time.  A Broker who specializes in “group benefits” is more likely to have the most current group knowledge than a life insurance agent who does investments, pensions, RRSP’s, and a little group business on the side. Your Broker is part of your business.

We guarantee value with your benefits.  Cheapest pricing is a moving target.  Fair pricing is sustainable and gives all parties time to establish relationships with one another.

Your company is different than all others.  Unique.  Do you want a package off the shelf design, or something set up for your unique circumstances?  Your budget is unique as well.

The Benefit Guys work with a comprehensive mix of providers to find just the right solutions.  Whether your company needs a Traditional plan, a Hybrid plan, a Health Spending Account solution or any other combination of solutions, we can provide them.  Maybe something as simple, affordable and meaningful as an EAP (Employee Assistance Plan) to get started is what you need.

 Let's talk today.

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