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Image by Virender Singh

Professional Corporations

So you are a one person Professional Corporation and have one or two part-time support staff.  You wonder if you can run the cost of Lasik Eye Surgery through your corporation.  Of course you can, as well as any other medically related expenses you may have.  Explore the flexibility of a Health Spending Account with The Benefit Guys.  No charge to set up, it’s all done in house, no upfront funding or fees, two options for fee structures, easily self-administered. You must have some T4 income.

People ask if they can add part time people?  Yes.  Full time as well.  We have some clients with 10-12 staff using an HSA for benefit funding.  So easy for any employees to self-administer and fully transparent.  Ask about more ways HSA's can be used.  Don’t forget to inquire about the $9.95/month Catastrophic Loss and Travel Insurance add on!

Traditional Benefits are also available for a PC.  As Independent Brokers we will do a market survey and find the best available carrier for your traditional plan.  Easy implementation.

Let's start building a better Benefits Plan today.

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