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FTL/LTL/Courier Delivery/Contract Drivers

You’re a fleet owner and have a mix of drivers, independent operators, teams, corporations, employees etc.  So how do you protect yourself from unforeseen accidents, injuries, and unforeseen deaths?  Whether your drivers are in or out of the country, these situations cause unknown disruption to your business and expose your company to many liabilities.  Worried about your staff making a mistake?  Make sure you have this clause in your CGL Policy.

We have been helping the Transportation Industry for over 20 years.  We understand your business.  The drivers you use as independent operators must be dealt with separately from your support staff (T-4 employees), in any benefit plan.

  • We can help you with compliance issues and liability reduction to your company.

  • Who has been carrying the coverage for your Owner Operators?  Is it adequate?

  • We have been using the same supplier for our Owner Operators for over 20 years.  Always very reliable!  Broad coverage.

  • Want immediate service and claims paid promptly and accurately?  Who Doesn’t?

  • Make sure your out of province drivers have the correct travel insurance coverage.

  • Do you always complete the WSIB Independent Operator questionnaire?  A copy is available here for downloading.

  • What are you doing to reduce your liability exposure with your independent/contracted drivers?  No WSIB needed?  So, what happens if someone is hurt or killed on the job, or off the job? How are you addressing this liability?

  • Call The Benefit Guys to have an experienced based discussion about trucking and insurance solutions.

  • Let us help you stay compliant and reduce your risk exposures.

Let's start building a better Benefits Plan today.

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