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Employee Staff

  • So, you have office support staff and employee drivers to keep the wheels of your business turning; what are you doing for a benefit plan for your valuable staff?

  • Need help recruiting and retaining salaried drivers and support staff?  Are your benefits current?  Do you even have benefits?

  • If you have a benefits plan, have you had an outside opinion recently to determine if those are actually the benefits people are wanting (for retention and recruiting valuable staff)?  Have you recently confirmed that your benefits pricing is competitive?

  • Full package benefit plans are available with LTD, Health and Dental, Vision Care etc.  Let The Benefit Guys help you build a competitive plan for your company.

  • Health Spending Accounts can be used as well.  Other transportation companies utilize this type of coverage, call us to learn how.

  • Do you annually review your benefits plan?  Not enough time?  We report to you, in writing annually to ensure your plan is current and competitive.

  • Need some help with HR?  Ask about our built in HR services with all traditional plans.  We provide HR services thru our other division, The HR Guys.

Let's start building a better Benefits Plan today.

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