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The Benefit Guys was founded in 2008 for the purposes of providing employee benefits to small and medium size business.  As TBG evolved, we partnered with Associum Group to provide “back office services” for our Traditional Insurance clients.  We have had a professional partnership with Associum since 2015.  It has been a great business partnership from which our clients have truly benefited.  We have extended that relationship with Associum to now include HR services.  Associum has been providing full HR services to businesses since 1984.  TBG and their clients now have preferred access to that knowledge and experience.


There is a lot of cross involvement with benefits and HR.  We are addressing the needs in the small and medium business market for HR services, helping to uncover HR gaps and assisting with those needs.  Businesses have discovered that “free form downloads” and “sample docs” don’t always solve the human challenges; people solve them.  What are you doing with your HR gaps? We are in the people business. HR services are now built into our Traditional and ASO accounts.  We will discuss how HR services powered by Associum, can assist you in the area of HR.

The HR Guys


Let's ask ourselves a few questions:


When should our company be looking for HR advice?

  • Best time is when you start your business.  Current HR advice is available from a trained HR specialist.  There are various government agencies with which your company is required to be compliant regarding your employees.  Rather than stumble through all of those calls to agencies to try and figure it all out, why not have an HR professional who has already been down the road can do that work for you.

  • If you have already started your business, then the next check point is when you are considering your first employee.  Did you ever wonder what it would be like to get a government audit of some kind and find you are non-compliant?  The penalty will probably cost more than the HR advice to avoid the problem.

  • When you are actually hiring and onboarding, and of course, terminations.

  • When you need to establish Company Policies such as vacation, sick leave, company equipment, working remotely etc.


How much do HR services cost as a rule?

  • Some HR costs are included if you have your Benefit Plan with The Benefit Guys.

  • Clients will be given an equivalent time credit based on the type of plan and how many employees are involved.

  • The initial discovery call is of no cost.  Once we get a better idea of what advice you need, we will set you up with the proper consultant at Associum.  The consultant will get back to you within 24 hours.  Billings are done in 10 minute blocks and questions are usually resolved with three calls.  The rate will be around $180/hour but will be quoted more accurately once it is established the type of advice you require.

  • HR advice is available on a billable basis as well if you require it.  Call us to discuss.

  • Think about it, if you had an IT challenge you would address it immediately and pay at least a minimum charge of a couple hundred dollars and get on with your business.  Why wouldn’t you invest some money now with current HR advice so you don’t have a “breakdown” in the future?


How long will HR information take?

  • That is a great question.  If you have an immediate need, and our experts will determine that based on your initial discussion, they will start on it usually the same day.  Solutions will be presented and a follow scheduled.  We prioritize client needs.

It costs nothing but your time to make a contact in our office or yours, email, Zoom or phone.  We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you resolve your challenges.