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ASO and Hybrids

  • ASO is an acronym for Administration Services Only.  It works like a Traditional Plan to some degree.  Set up in such a way that processing fees for high volume claims like prescription drugs, dental expenses, paramedical services etc., are fixed at a lower rate than a Traditional Plan.  Other benefits can be built around it.  Potentially a money saver.  Have you looked at the benefits of an ASO plan for your company?

  • Would you like to save about 10% in costs?  This eliminates the fat and the administrative unknowns.

  • Hybrid Benefits are just that.  They are a mix of traditional coverage in addition to ASO, HSA's, Wellness etc. How are you meeting the needs of both your younger employees and those that are more mature?  Their needs are different. There are many opportunities for flexibility with Hybrid Benefit Plans.   Tell us about your situation.

  • Insurers and Independent Brokers use current technologies which make benefit claims, administration, etc., work very efficiently, starting with one employee.  Contact us today for more details and find out what will work for you.

Let's start building a better Benefits Plan today.

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