Image by Virender Singh

Family Held

You run a closely held family corporation and have more family members employed than non family members.  This can be a challenge with some carriers and make a benefit package a little more difficult to place.  We have markets that will insure all types of businesses including closely help family corporations.  Are some family members earning dividends for tax planning rather than T4 income? Not a problem for a full benefit package including Long Term Disability.   

A lot of insurers will not accept this type of risk.  We have extensive experience in this market.  Would you like your case presented with experience? Perhaps a hybrid plan is for your company.  Some traditional benefits supplemented with a Health Spending Account will often get the job done.  Be flexible with your thinking, we are.  We have been helping family businesses for over 20 years.  Don’t forget about the Wellness side of benefits.

Have you ever wondered how your senior owners can take their well deserved time off in the winter and also stay in the benefit plan?  Tell us about your needs, The Benefit Guys' experience can help you.  We’d love to meet your family and learn more about what you and your business requires.

We are also a family run business.  We understand a lot of your challenges in business.  Do you want some help?