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Image by Natalie Pedigo

Our Fees

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority requires that fees be disclosed by all Advisors/Brokers.  Our basic fee is 10% commission on premiums paid.  TBG fees can be as low as 3% as much as 12%.  In 2021 the average commission to TBG was 8.4%.  You do not pay more for a “complete service” as we are discussing.  Commissions are built into product costs.  We quote the same commission regardless which carrier the business is placed with, so TBG has no preferred carrier.  The commission to TBG is then shared between the Sales Rep and TBG.  We don’t normally do a “fee for services” arrangement, however we can discuss it.  Just ask if you have any questions.  We don’t expect your company to do your Broker's work.  Some brokers charge as much as 15%.  If you have an existing benefits plan, do you know how much your company is paying for fees and which services you get for those fees?

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