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November 27, 2019

A No Cost Must Do

For All Benefit Administrators, Managers and Owners

In today's world we are all subject to potentially large liability exposure situations. Often times it is because of an "honest mistake". But it can be costly.

With employee benefits it can be something as simple as missing an new employee enrollment deadline for a benefit, or not offering optional benefits to an existing employee. Did you know your company can be held responsible for the financial loss of those missed employee benefits. Life insurance, long term disability claims and others can add up and be substantial.

At No Cost you can add an Employee Benefits-Errors and Omissions Insurance Extension to your Commercial policy. We have attached a sample policy here which shows the simple wording about coverage. Call your commercial broker today and add it while it's on your mind. This protects the company and all employees who interact and give any benefits information or benefits advice to other employees. You can rest easier with this simple move.

If you have any questions and need some help with this subject or anything else, give us a confidential call today.

Our Best Practices Annual Review is available for download. You need to reduce your benefits liability exposure. The content in this document will help you.

Get your preliminary questions answered immediately.

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