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January 27, 2021

What You Hate about Benefits

As benefit consultants, we know the number one thing customers don't like about benefits:


In a recent informal survey, respondents—employees and employers alike—outlined their main complaints about benefits:

  • Rates.

  • Lack of coverage.

  • Wait times for reimbursement.

  • Technology for some things and not others.

  • Not understanding their benefits.

  • Not knowing what they are paying for.

  • Administration process.

  • Lack of choice and control over the benefit program.

What are the concerns at your company?  Do you need some help with your benefit challenges and solutions, particularly in these times?  Is it time to consider a "fixed costs" program?  How about flexible coverage choices?  Is it time to review the benefits you have and why you have them?

The Benefit Guys are familiar with the benefit challenges and solutions for today. 
Let us custom build a plan which works for you.

  • Let's talk to each other.

  • Let's listen to each other.

  • Let's make sure our personalities fit, then proceed further.

Get your preliminary questions answered immediately.

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