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November 29, 2021

Thinking of Travelling Out of the Province/Country?
Be Cautious with your Travel Insurance Coverage
Covid 19 is now a separate issue with most carriers

With International Travel restrictions being removed and the US border opening recently, many people are on the move now and planning to travel more in the near future.

When you are looking at travel insurance protection, whether it is through your group insurance benefit program, or purchased separately, we would like to give you a few reminders:

  • Medical Travel coverage is different than any other types of travel coverage e.g. cancellation.  This info is about medical travel coverage.

  • With Covid 19, there are many limitations and exclusions in policies.

  • Some companies cover you if you are double vaccinated, the rare one doesn't require more than one. Some cover the medical costs if you are diagnosed, hospitalized and treated.  Some with maximum amounts,(caps) will pay, and some not.

The short story is, this pandemic is a very fluid situation, get everything in writing and make sure you know what the rules are. In March 2020 when the first wave came through and a lot of people got caught out of the country, many people without coverage.  The insurance companies made many concessions.  They have now protected themselves by putting most things in writing and have added "subject to change".  We suggest you get everything in writing also and not rely on what somebody told you.  Ask a lot of questions.

Our Recommendations

Stay home.  Spend your money supporting local businesses.  Stay Safe.  This is going to be with us for a while.  None of us know where this new variant will go, but it is in Canada now.

Get your preliminary questions answered immediately.

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