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Simple Choices


Like most business people, you don’t like the business problem of unknown financial surprises, including both grossly overpaying or grossly underpaying for employee benefits.

Both of these situations have consequences. You would agree, we're sure, it would be better to have stability.


We help successful business owners build a better benefit program, often with the same money they are spending on their current benefit program.


Need to meet a specific monthly dollar budget?  No problem. 

Only want an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), or add an EAP to an existing plan?  Just ask about our design flexibilities!

All benefits available for groups as small as one person.  

Benefit and Cost

Let's start building a better Benefits Plan today.


Traditional Plans


Health Spending Accounts and Wellness



Employee Assistance Program (EAP)



If you are looking for benefits, you fall into one of these categories:

You already have a benefits plan and for any number of reasons you are doing some research. 


Perhaps you haven’t looked lately to see what is available in today's benefits world, maybe you aren’t happy with your current service.  Curious how a Health Spending Account will work for you?

You are new to the employee benefits world.  

You have questions and need more background information. Are you wondering what the costs will be?  Will there be extra administration work?


We will answer all of your questions clearly and quickly.

​Helping you navigate the complex benefits landscape with creative, relevant, affordable, and responsive solutions.


The process from first inquiry to implementation can be as quick as a couple of weeks

to as long as a few months, depending on each case requirements.


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Lou Salvino

President, Mortgage Broker

The Financial Forum Ltd.


“It has been many years that John and Isabell have provided service to us personally, to my company and employees.


I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that The Benefit Guys and their team do a really good job. It has been totally hands free for many years now. They frequently report back to us and annually provide our report, strategy, and options for the following year. The recommendations are always backed up with facts and research. Our choices are easy, on point, on budget and take very little time.


It used to take us hours to monitor and manage this aspect of our business. Now it’s almost like having a consultant right here in the office with us. It’s so simple.


Thank you for many years of great service."

Stephen Davis

Conestoga Contact Wheel

(2011) Inc.

"First off, when we found The Benefit Guys 12 years ago, the savings quoted for an improved package were substantial. (Compared to our current program at the time.)

There had to be a catch! There wasn’t.


We have had excellent service and The Benefit Guys continue to bring the best coverage for reasonable cost.


Most important is, we trust Isabell, John, and their team to do their job for us."

Dr. Heather Hay

Parkway Back Clinic

Hay Chiropractic

Professional Corporation


"The Benefit Guys have helped my business in setting up a Health Spending Account. 


Their team has been prompt, professional and thorough.  I have been very pleased with their service and would not hesitate to recommend them."

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