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March 25, 2021

So What is in a Benefit Structure Today?

Before the pandemic, flexibility and personalization had already become key table stakes in benefit plan design, as new generations of tech-savvy, wellness-conscious Canadians enter the workplace. For employers, that means giving strong consideration to versatile and customizable options like personal spending accounts, which give employees greater choice — and control — over how they contribute to their wellbeing and spend their benefit dollars.

Digital self-service options like web-based health portals, on-demand tele-counselling, and medication management features on mobile apps also help employees take greater ownership of their health care.

  • Ease, Suitability, and Flexibility.

  • Useable Choices for both employers and employees.

  • Fixed and Fair Costs.

  • Transparency.

It's The Benefit Guys role and responsibility to monitor the latest from our industry.
This allows us to create relevant and responsive solutions for our clients
that keep pace with and even stay ahead of the trends.

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