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October 16, 2018

Depression, Alcohol Addiction...

Depression, Alcohol Addiction top Conditions Covered

Depression and alcoholism are the leading mental health and substance abuse conditions covered by employers, according to a report by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

The survey, which polled nearly 300 Canadian and American organizations, found 84 per cent of employers cover depression and 82 per cent cover alcohol addiction. Anxiety disorders (78 per cent), prescription drug addiction (77 per cent) and non-prescription drug addiction (72 per cent) rounded out the top five.

More than half (60 per cent) of organizations cited an increase in mental illness and substance abuse compared to 2016, while 40 per cent said their employees are very or extremely stressed. It’s important for employers to communicate the availability of benefits and other resources available to help. Through this communication and by providing coverage, employers are making the right moves in creating a psychologically safe workplace.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 Marijuana is legal today in Canada. This affects everyone especially in the workplace. Here is the latest update on pot in the workplace. Read it, even if quickly, because it matters. Read it or download it here. It has been provided to us by Sunlife, one of our providers, and is a well prepared piece of information.

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