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January 31, 2022

We would like to apply for membership on your team

The term "Employee Benefits" has taken on a much broader meaning today and thus much broader costs.  We have knowledge about the broader meaning of benefits in today's world.

Paid holidays, paid sick days, floating holidays, home office allowances, in house child care... it seems it doesn't end, the list is endless.  We would like to take the burden of administration of the "medically based benefits", off your plate and put it on ours, (on a very cost effective basis). We can help your team by doing what we do best.

The keys to a successful employee benefits plan in 2022 is personalization and flexibility.  With the use of a Health Spending Account, as a supplemental or a stand alone benefit, employees can be reimbursed for all medically related benefits, dental, prescriptions, eyeglasses, etc., on a tax free basis and it becomes a 100% tax deduction to your company.  Use annual caps to control costs.
Get a fuller explanation here.

Did you know: In a recent benefits survey, 65% of employees under age 35 would rather have pet insurance than LTD benefits,(61%) in a benefits plan?  Many younger employees are not planning for children and their pets are their "family"!

  • Arm yourself with current information, be ready.

  • Let's talk to each other.

  • Let's listen to each other.

  • Let's do it now.

Get your preliminary questions answered immediately.

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