Does Any of this Sound Familiar to you?

I manage our benefit plans at our company, but the thought of switching benefit providers would add a tremendous amount of work to my already busy job.  I would welcome a service that could provide us savings and reduce our benefit administration workload. 

Why is our benefit plan always getting more expensive?

Benefit plan options are extremely confusing!

I have the feeling that our benefit plan renewal process is not transparent or competitive enough.  I want all the Insurance Carriers to compete for our business instead of just the few the advisor has a relationship with.


I have absolutely no way of knowing whether we are paying too much.

I want our benefit plan shopped in the market but I am led to believe by my current provider that it will cause me too much extra work and a lot of headaches to switch.  I absolutely would welcome a service that makes plan renewals transparent, competitive and simplified.

I have to setup a very robust benefit plan in order to attract and retain staff.  I wish there was a simple platform that would allow me to quickly set this up.

As our company grows, we want our plan to scale easily.  It would be beneficial if there was a service to let us know when it is optimal to migrate from a fully-insured benefit plan to a hybrid, or a self-insured benefit plan.

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