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HSA - Health Spending Accounts

  • Set up the amount of money you want to make available to employees for any medical expense. Identify specific items to cover ie: medical marijuana, or cover any medical service, treatment or device.

  • Tax deductible to the company and tax free benefit to the employee

  • Employee decides which expenses to use for themselves and family. Some have more drug expenses, some more dental, others chiropractor, massage, etc. A preference for a lot of employees.  Paperless set up, administration and claims.

  • We set up HSA accounts within 2 business days, in house.  No paperwork, no set up fees, on line claims processed twice weekly, fixed fees.  Ask us why so many people are using this as a stand alone or supplement in addition to a traditional plan. We can save everyone hundreds of keystrokes. Book a Zoom call, we'll answer your questions. 

  • The most flexible benefit program available.

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