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Your Independent Brokers' Role

Often we are asked the question," Why should we use The Benefit Guys as our benefits broker?".

It's a very good question.

This month we thought we would give a brief overview of what you should expect your Independent Broker to do with your benefit package, and how The Benefit Guys conduct business. You should expect your independent benefits broker to:

• Negotiate firmly but fairly with insurance companies on behalf of your company

• Discuss your needs and budget openly with you.

• Review the options available to your company in terms of how to structure a benefits package if this is new to you.

• If you already have benefits, your broker should point out the options now available in the marketplace from which to choose, including Health Spending Accounts and the new "hybrid"benefits".

• Review EAP benefits and see if it's time you added or updated this coverage.

• Do a complete market survey and provide a written report/comparison of costs and benefits every 3-4 years or more often if required.

• Discuss and help implement methods to control costs with drug, dental, health and LTD claims.

• When things go off the rails, it is your broker who should get things back on track immediately.

• Help negotiate/problem solve with insurance companies when you are having any kind of claim problem. Your independent broker should be a firm negotiator in difficult situations.

• Be prepared to meet with employees to answer questions and assist with any benefits education or service.

• Return phone calls the same day.

Why not give John a call right now at 519-622-3347. In a brief 5 minute phone call, you can easily find out if The Benefit Guys is right for your company Too busy to call?? Take a minute and send John a short note here. Ask your questions or let him know the best time to call you.

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