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Would You Miss Your Paycheque?

How Important is Your Paycheque?

You run your own business and may have employees, just imagine the impact on the families if the paycheques stopped coming in. We can't help you with business setbacks, layoffs, etc, but we can jump right in if there is an injury or an illness that stops that paycheque!

Personal injury income replacement benefits for $4000 a month of tax free income are available for as little as $54 a month. There are no medical requirements, benefits start after 30 days and in the event of a long term disability, benefits are paid to age 70. Illness benefits are available as well.

We Can Probably Save You 10%-20% of your current benefit package.

Whether you have a Chamber of Commerce benefit package from the Chamber in your area, or are using a national insurance company, it's probably time you took a current look at the marketplace. You are good at what you do, let us do the legwork and analysis of your benefit package.

As Independent Brokers with 30+ years of experience, we can provide you with more options in the marketplace. We do the work, you get the results! Health and Dental, Income Replacement, Critical Illness, Overhead Expense, Life Insurance Funding for Agreements, Collateral Term Insurance, etc., our experience makes a difference for our clients.

Independent Mortgage Brokerage is now available

We are pleased to announce our association with Northwood Mortgage Ltd., a respected mortgage brokerage company doing business for over 20 years. We welcome Robin Glecoff, Lic#M08006353 to the team. Robin specialises in working with business owners. If you want the best available rates or you have had some difficulties in the past, don't worry, Robin can help you out.

Your mortgage may be coming up for renewal, you are going to buy a recreational cottage, boat etc or you just want to free up some capital - it doesn't matter. Using an independent mortgage broker is like using an independent insurance broker. It usually results in better choices and better costs for you the customer. It is a first choice decision by smart people, not a last choice decision.

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