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What Would You Do For Income If...

So, you get home from work tonight, slip on the ice on the steps and break your leg.

What would you do for money over the next few months; to pay your mortgage, your groceries, your cable, your telephone and maybe your car payment?  What if a different scenario occurred and you were off for a couple of years?

The Benefit Guys can fix that problem for you right now! No medicals involved, just ask, you’re covered immediately!

We provide for you, guaranteed to issue, disability income replacement products that can provide you with a short and long term disability benefit.  Why take that risk yourself?  Here are a couple of examples of how inexpensive this coverage can be:

Monthly income, benefits payable to age 70:

$2000/month, 30 day wait,  $27.00/month
$3000/month, 30 day wait,  $40.50/month
$4000/month, 30 day wait,  $54.00/month

Trade a coffee a day for real peace of mind.  Whether you are the owner, or you have some employees, we can cover one or all in a very simplified way.

You can have peace of mind when you go to the cottage, ski in the winter, or when you are riding on the quad when you are hunting.  Accidents happen to all of us.

•    Do you need some inexpensive term coverage to cover some liabilities?
•    Should you have some Key Person  protection for your company?

Some examples on pricing:

Male 35 non smoker $250,000 only $15.30 / mth, $500,000 only $21.60
Female 35 n/s $250,000, only $13.28 / mth, $500,000 only $17.55
Male 45 n/s $250,000 only $26.78 /mth, $500,000 only $44.55
Female 45 n/s only $250,000 $20.48 / mth, $500,000 only $31.95

Give us a call and we’ll help move that risk to the insurance company’s.  It’s fast and it’s simple.