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Is that Souvlaki or Sovaldi?

About Revolade and Sovaldi

These sound like two new tasty Greek dishes, but they are two of many new drugs that are effective and very expensive. Claims for these types of drugs will adversely affect the costs of current and future benefit plans. These treatments are in demand now and the coming demand will be greater. Currently, 300,000 Canadians are infected with Hepatitis C.

Revolade is an oral medication that has recently been approved to assist with the therapies of patients with Hepatitis C, by increasing the platelet count. The average treatment cost is $20,000.

Sovaldi Is also an oral medication that has recently been approved as a treatment for Hepatitis C patients. It is used in conjunction with other therapies over a 12-16 week period at a cost of $60-$80,000 for the sovaldi alone. There is an 89% cure rate at this time.

Cancer treatment therapies are also coming to the market. They are more effective than ever, many in oral form and they can also be very expensive.

New drugs are appearing on the market regularly. They are expensive to develop and will be expensive therapies to buy. The Benefit Guys will help you be proactive in adjusting your current plan or designing a new plan that will work for everyone should a need for any of these new therapies develop in your group. Don't find yourself in a reactive situation.

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