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So what's changed in the last two years?

In The Benefits Business:

• Costs have gone down
• Restrictions have been placed on travel insurance. .
Did your carrier notify you? You and your employees could be at risk.
• Potential long term disability liabilities to employers has increased. Review your potential exposure today.
• Drug plans have changed to manage growing costs.
• What has changed in your business that needs our expertise and experience?

Send me a personal note with your specific concerns and I will be happy to help you with a personalised answer.

Personal Disability Income Benefits Increased to $6000 per month

• Non Medical monthly injury benefits are available from $1500 to $6000 a month with waiting periods from 0 to 120 days to suit your needs. Very inexpensive and great coverage.
• Don't get caught with limited income if you injure yourself; e.g. $4000 a month of 24 hour coverage available for as little as $35.20 a month, 30 day waiting period.
• Illness benefits are also available.

Whether you are a one person company or you have a business with 25 employees, call The Benefit Guys today. We will do a complete market survey for a new benefit package if you don't yet have one, or we will analyse your existing benefit package to assure you are getting the best value for your money.

Have you considered a Health Spending Account? Do you need more information about this product? It's a great way to control costs.

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