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Save up to 25% on your Health and Dental Package

Save up to 25% on your Health and Dental Package??

Is that really possible?

The Benefit Guys would like to quote one of our benefit providers;
“...thousands of companies are already enjoying the savings while keeping the coverage they need and so can you. In fact, last year, we helped each new client save an average of $817.00 per employee. You can cut costs without cutting corners.”
If you have more than 5 employees, call us now to see if your company qualifies for these savings.

Are you Self Employed?

Work alone or only have one or two employees?
The Benefit Guys can customise a benefit package for you as well. If you are looking for health benefits, prescription drugs, dental, short or long term disability, we can take care of you today.
Don’t forget about covering your income with an injury disability benefit. Break a leg, an arm, or anything else, make sure your paycheque keeps coming in. You also want to cover those fixed business expenses each month. Don’t put any unnecessary financial pressure on your business, especially during this current business climate. It’s really an inexpensive benefit and you can be covered 24/7.

Can we make a deal with you?

You should be doing what you are good at; running your business! Why not let The Benefit Guys do what they are good at; taking care of your benefit challenges?

Give us a call today to review your current benefits and make sure you are competitively positioned.

John and Jordan Kovats, Founders