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New Inexpensive Benefit Programs

Diagnostic and Specialist Access Insurance

DSAI Benefits

This benefit allows insured employees, who are placed on a medical wait-list greater than 21 days, immediate access to diagnostic examinations, (MRI, Cat Scans), and Specialist consultations in Canada.  Inexpensive at $14.50 single and $29.00 couple per month.  Call for the details 519-622-3347.

Employee Wellness Programs

EWP Benefits

Wellness programs are designed around four very important and

necessary components in order to be successful. Combining all four of these components draws the largest employee engagement. You will assist your employees with a better health perspective, better performance and less absenteeism.  Virtual participation is also available for today's busy people.

Employee Assistance Programs

EAP Benefits

There are times when all people need some input from a professional that specialises in marital, family, legal advice etc.  Do you realise that this benefit can be part of a benefit package for as little as $5.00 a month?  Call today to discuss your company's needs.

Start Developing your Big Company Strategy Now

Get started by scheduling our free 60 minute Starter Session right now.  The great thing about this is you do not need to change Brokers to get started.  During this session we will review your current situation, clarify your goals and start developing your Big Company Strategy.  Contact us by email or phone

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