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Morbidity is the New Mortality

Morbidity and Mortality Have Changed.

Morbidity is the measurement of the incidences of sickness .

Mortality is the measurement of the incidences of death.

Illnesses which used to kill us, like heart attacks and strokes, only seem to slow us down these days. There have been many advancements in medical treatment and diagnosis. Here is an interesting chart on recently published statistics:


Disease Mortality/Death      Rate  Morbidity/Disability     Rate
Hypertension    down 73%       up 70% 
 Heart Disease    down 28%       up 44%
Cardiovascular     down 48%       up 44%
     Diabetes    down 27%       up 36%
     All Four    down 32%       up 55%

Looking at these stats, it is obvious you are likely to survive an incident which previously would kill you, but will now very likely disable you to some degree.

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