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Medical Travel Insurance Pitfalls

It's That Time of Year

Many people at this time of year are going to be crossing the border to do some day shopping, or maybe catch a hockey or a football game. They don't often give thought to getting sick, having an injury or being in a car accident. They are also making plans for vacations in the sunny south. It is well known that the most expensive part of a vacation is getting sick or injured outside the country. Take a minute and read this, you'll be shocked!

Group Insurance Medical Benefits often carry an "Out of Province" medical portion. This is true, but you have to be very careful if you have had a medication change, old or new, are scheduled for some medical tests, or have been treated for any serious illness in the last 12 months. It's best to check with your carrier and identify your personal situation and confirm you will be covered should any medical emergency arise. Just because you are on a benefit plan, you are not guaranteed coverage. There are exclusions that may affect you.

Credit Cards often have a "travel insurance" element attached to them. Many people rely on that coverage for short term visits. As above noted, you should check with your credit card company and disclose any medical changes/challenges you have had and confirm that you are covered for your own particular situation.

Medical travel insurance is probably available to you, but "off the shelf" coverage may have exclusion clauses which can affect you in a big way financially. Contact us or your own Independent Broker if you are unsure. Just because you didn't ask doesn't mean you are covered.

Possible LTD Liability Exposure

A case is now going before the courts in which an employee is suing the employer, Broker and Insurance Company for a disability claim. Short story is about an "optional benefit" which the employee did not excercise, for more coverage than what the basic plan offered. His lawyer wanted to know whether he was offered it " in writing" and if he had declined it "in writing". Here we go! If you are unsure about your situation, you had best review your policy on "optional benefits" for your employees and what your company's policies and procedures are.

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