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Large Business 20+ Employees

A company which has 20 or more employees has more options available.  There is probably a controller and some accounting or HR personnel. 

A health spending account will allow companies to maintain costs and also offer flexibility with their group insurance benefit package for the employees.  Check for more details under that heading.

It may be time to set up an ASO package.  ASO stands for Administration Services Only.  Administration is exactly what a company can get from a third party for more effective cost controls of health and dental benefits.  Each situation requires individual review.



Traditional group insurance packages are available; however with some ability to do administration work internally, a company may find that better benefits and better cost controls can be implemented by using more than one source for their benefit carrier.

Separate classes of benefits are usually implemented to make sure a company can continue to attract and maintain the best people for the business.

The Benefit Guys bring in specialists in these areas to help companies.  Make sure your company is getting the best, most current advice available.  Contact us today for a confidential review of your company’s needs.

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