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Inexpensive Income Replacement Made Easy

Inexpensive Income Replacement Made Easy

Self Employed?

Call us today to help you with your income replacement needs. If you are tired of those expensive WSIB Optional Insurance costs, why not opt out and get 24/7 injury coverage at an affordable price?

Example: $3000 a month of tax free benefit payable to age 70, costs are as little as $45 a month. Call today for a personal quote. Winters coming, don't wait for that accident in the snow. No medical questions. No financial statements required.


Are your LTD benefits unaffordable? Not anymore. Call us for the solution to your company's challenges.

One Day Benefit Package Quotes

We Specialize in Small Companies

Whether you are a one person company or you are have a business with 25 employees, we can help you out. The Benefit Guys will do a complete market survey for a new benefit package if you don't yet have one, or we will analyse your existing benefit package to assure you are getting the best value for your money.

Have you considered a Health Spending Account? Do you need more information about this product? It's a great way to control costs.