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Individual Coverage For Groups

Individual Coverage For Groups

All Blue Cross plans include our member assistance program at no extra cost for all family members...

Is your business challenged with:

• High Family Content?
• Not For Profit Companies?
• New Business?
• Little Or No Employer Contribution To Premiums?
• Looking For A More Flexible Benefit Package?

Are you finding it difficult to find traditional group coverage? What are your alternatives?


The Blue Vision small medium enterprise plan (SME) may be the answer. For companies with five or more employees you can offer this individual program with reduced medical underwriting. Available benefits include disability, life, health, dental, drugs and more.

Sample Package

Group of 5 with reduced underwriting:

Disability due to accident & illness $1,300/month
Life Insurance $30,000
Extended Health Coverage
Prescription Drugs
Accidental Fracture

How can The Benefit Guys help you with your business insurance needs?
• Tell us about your challenges
• Tell us about your needs
• Let’s talk about your budget

Whether it’s employee benefits, travel insurance, or some inexpensive term insurance to cover liquidity needs, The Benefit Guys can help.

If you haven’t reviewed your company’s benefit plan in the last year, right now is a good time. There have been many changes in business in the last year. Are you aware you and your business can take advantage of those changes?

Give us a call. Let’s get you started today.