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I am Just Surfing

So you are surfing and don’t know how you ended up here. Maybe you are just surfing for some insurance information in general, maybe you have some specific question or need. Doesn’t matter really, The Benefit Guys would just like to say, “Welcome Aboard”.

We have tried to put together an easy to understand, easy to navigate website with some good old fashioned practical information. We deal with “matters” in insurance, that “matter” to you, the consumer. The topic can bore most people to tears, us too.

All that most people really care about, when it comes to personal insurance matters is very simple; how much money will I get if _ ?__ happens, when will I be covered, how long will I be covered, how much does it cost, and when does it come out of my bank account? These are usually the immediate questions people have on their minds. The other big question the consumer wants answered, is, “can they trust the insurance advisor that they are dealing with?”. All fair concerns.

The Benefit Guys try to cover things that matter to you other than just what might immediately be on your mind. We have access to most major insurance companies in Canada, and are continually reviewing the best products the consumer wants and need. Insurance products that are fairly priced, well represented, and companies that do the job at claim time. Let’s face it, the only time insurance matters to you, is at claim time. Claim time matters to The Benefit Guys as well. You should consider us your extension directly to the insurance companies. That’s how an Independent Insurance Broker works for you. The Benefit Guys want to earn your trust over time.

Some consumers want to go thru all the fine print they can find. That’s certainly okay for them. You will not find any fine print on The Benefit Guys website. We don’t work that way.
Cruise around and see if you can find anything you are looking for. We have included some related links and articles that you will probably find helpful. If you have any other questions that you need answered, by all means feel comfortable asking your questions on the Customer Data page. Once that is submitted, The Benefit Guys will get back in touch with you. By your chosen contact method.

Oh yeah! You don’t have to worry about cruising around and having a bunch of annoying drop down advertisements appearing. The Benefit Guys do not participate in any of that type of activity. We hope you find your “surf” worthwhile.