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I am a Consumer

Thank the heavens for consumers! We all use products and services, that’s what keeps our North American lifestyle going. You, the consumer, are more educated than ever before. You are more cautious that you ever were, and we don’t blame you. Your time is in big demand with your career or job, business, family, outside activities, groceries, meals, household duties, ....all that stuff. You are also supposed to fit in the Dentist, Doctor, Optometrist, your Insurance Broker, etc. Your insurance broker?

The Benefit Guys understand you, and you matter to us. You are our customer or our future customer and we want to turn you into a client over time. The Benefit Guys have this website in place so you can access information, and even do some on line purchases, during your available time schedule. We are always open.

The Benefit Guys have access to most major insurance companies in Canada. We are constantly reviewing the best products and services available for our customers. Technology today, as well as certain types of insurance products, can now be purchased on line at your convenience. Some companies we work with, have available live, licensed persons to answer your questions and help you. Easier availability of products, to the consumer, will come as technology and products progress. Let The Benefit Guys know if there is some product you would like available on line. We also offer personal service for those that want it, during normal business hours. As products and services come available, you can be assured The Benefit Guys will make them easily available to you.

If you have shown up at this site, it is probably because you did a search on some insurance related topic, or you just typed in our name from a referral source of some kind. Doesn’t matter really, you are here. We believe in simple language and simple examples that you may relate to, and be able to put yourself in situations we cover on this site. We want you to understand that we understand your needs, very well. We are also you; just consumers.

We will not dazzle you with a bunch of fancy quoting software. We do not spam you if you inquire for further information or help. We do not have a bunch of splashy things trying to sell you something, or entice you, on this site. We are here to help you period.
Insurance is just another word for money, you know, scratch, dough, large, bread, bucks, flow, there are any number of things to call it, but that’s what it is all about, cash. Everybody could use a little more, no matter what you call it.

Maybe you have some questions about the availability of individual benefits for yourself, because you just lost your job, or just started a business. Maybe you have a small company and you are thinking of putting in benefits for the first time. Maybe you are a medium sized business and want to review your benefit package. Just getting ready for a trip and you need some travel insurance now? Any number of travel insurance needs can be met now, by going to our Out of Province Insurance page now.

You could be a person that just wants to cover a $250,000 mortgage debt and have a time adjustment fund, in case you were to meet an early disability or death. We can get that protection for you with some very inexpensive term Insurance. Get that load off your shoulder. Why not take care of that one right now? Maybe you are in business and you have a large line of credit or some key people in your organization that should be covered in the event of an untimely death or disability.

Look around The Benefit Guys website. We have categorised topics in such a way, that you will find them easy to navigate. Should you not be able to find what you need, by all means complete the Client Data questionnaire and The Benefit Guys will get back you by your preferred method of contact.

If you are looking for investment advice on variable investment products, The Benefit Guys are able to help you by referring you to top notch people in that field. We do offer Guaranteed Investment Style Certificates, check out the Current Guaranteed Rates that are available.

Thanks for stopping in. Take your time to find what you need.