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I am a Broker/Advisor

Thanks for taking the time to look around our site. You will pretty soon figure out our philosophy on doing business.

We are MGA’s located in southern Ontario. The Founders of The Benefit Guys have over 40 years experience in the life and health business. Most of it has been on the streets, just like you. We are Brokers too. We are expanding our business model across Canada. Perhaps you will consider a relationship with The Benefit Guys.

As Insurance Advisors, The Benefit Guys know how much time is spent prospecting for customers, servicing customers and staying ahead of all the information you need for your clients. It's tough, we know, that's why The Benefit Guys do not get involved in any variable investment type products, advice or compliance issues related to those types of investments. We know there is an unlimited number of people who just want good old fashioned "insurance" advice. These same people are also happy with "guaranteed returns" on their investments. So if the issues that go along with variable types of investments, like compliance, education, etc, are something you are uncomfortable with, then you will probably be very comfortable working with us.

Prospecting for new customers is any business challenge, whether it be retail, service or the hospitality industry. The Insurance Brokers we know are always challenged with prospecting. The Benefit Guys website is geared to the customer. We expect to make the customer comfortable enough with our philosophy, that they do in fact ask us for information. We do not wish to run a call centre, we want to provide the customer the most local service they can get. We have people wanting to speak to an authorised Benefit Guys representative in their area. You may be interested in that program and if you are, please complete the Broker Data form and submit your information.

As well, our marketing is geared towards the small business market, contract workers and the self employed. You know, 55% of the marketplace! Daytime activity that is not affected by “no call list” regulations. These are “business to business” calls. We specialise in those markets and will be happy to help you in those markets.

The consuming public today wants to do their own research about products and services, before making a buying decision. The Benefit Guys website is here to meet that need.  Some products to be purchased on line for the convenience of consumers that like to shop that way. As more and more insurance companies develop technologies, these facilities will just grow in the future. You can now service your customer/client 7x24 and still get some sleep. It’s only going to get better. The Benefit Guys are committed to the use of technology for all of our customers.

The Benefit Guys also look at you, the Independent Insurance Broker, as our potential customer, actual customer, and eventually our client. Client, you know, the person or business that trusts you enough from experience and performance to want to do business with you over and over. The Benefit Guys will help you attract customers, and turn them into clients over time. The Benefit Guys would like to turn you into a customer, and over time turn you in to our client.

There is a major change in the business climate and business styles. The Benefit Guys recognise this. We have developed this independent agency style model to meet the needs of the Insurance world. The end user customer is first. All businesses are customer driven. We must give the customer what they want, when they want it, yet realise that we can’t do all things well. The things we do, we must do very well.

The Independent Broker, you, are also our customer. The MGA’s must recognise what you the Broker need and want. There must, however, be standards and margins for everybody in the transaction or a part will go missing. The Benefit Guys are continuing to work with insurers on products and contracts. We will work with our Independent Brokers to assist with the education and sales of products. We will continue to listen to the consumer, the end user customer, to try and meet their needs first.

We are old fashioned enough to still believe the customer is king.