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High Net Worth

So you either have a high net worth, or you are looking to develop a high net worth, you are wondering how The Benefit Guys can help you. We can help you, because we understand you.

Our experience says that you probably have a high net worth because of steady work and accumulation of value over time. There was probably some luck involved at one time or another, too. Luck, timing, call it what you want. We know that luck and timing seem to function as a direct result of effort over time.

So you have two real questions:

  1. How do you continue to maintain your current investments and grow, and
  2. How am I or my family going to deal with capital gains taxes and other liquidity issues when my estate is passed on to the next generation?

"The Benefit guys at this time, only offer simple guaranteed investment type products like GIC's. If you are looking for advice in the area of variable return investments, we have a couple of places we can recommend to you for sound investment advice. The people or firms that The Benefit Guys may recommend to you, will treat you right. They understand and follow The Benefit Guys' philosophy of honesty and integrity proven over time.

There are some very talented people in highly specialised fields. You may just want a referral for some straight investment counsel. Let us know if we can help.

The Benefit Guys are in the insurance business. It’s just about money, to be delivered at a certain event. As a person of high net worth, you realise there will be capital gains issues, taxes, all that stuff that the government gets in to, when your estate passes to the next generation. There will probably be a need for liquidity at that time. If you have the health, you can put an adequate amount of life insurance in place to cover those anticipated costs using discounted dollars. It’s just math, a long term investment in your estate.

Maybe you would like to leave a large sum of money to a Foundation, your Church, a hospital, whatever. Have you ever considered doing that thru an insurance gift. There are some excellent ways these types of gifts can be set up. You can even make the cost tax deductible.

We are sure you are using a great lawyer and accountant. If you have had any recommendations from them to pursue insurance solutions, by all means complete the Client Data page and let us know how The Benefit Guys might help. By all means, review our Privacy Policy so you can be clear how your information will be handled.

 The Benefit Guys have also addressed some questions that you may have on your mind, in our Frequently Asked Questions section. We would hope that if you cannot find the answers to questions on our website, that you will send those questions to The Benefit Guys, and we will contact you by your preferred method.