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Is a Health Spending Account Right for You?

• Only two of you and you need benefits? We can help.
• Do you wonder if a Health Spending Account is right? Just ask.
• Need some inexpensive term insurance to cover liabilities and liquidity issues? Call for a price.

Save up to 25% on your Health and Dental Package??

Is that really possible?

The Benefit Guys would like to quote one of our benefit providers;
“...thousands of companies are already enjoying the savings while keeping the coverage they need and so can you. In fact, last year, we helped each new client save an average of $817.00 per employee. You can cut costs without cutting corners.”
If you have more than 5 employees, call us now
to see if your company qualifies for these savings.

How’s this for service, advice, and product guarantee?

“100% no questions asked, money back guarantee on all individual products placed by The Benefit Guys”.
Travel Insurance products excluded.

Are you concerned about an injury and missing time from your business this winter and the income it produces?
• Let us put in place an inexpensive, no medical question, guaranteed to issue, injury disability plan.
• Covers you 7/24.
• You’ll be surprised how little it costs!

Jordan and John Kovats, Founders

Call us today for all of your details.