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Health and Dental Insurance

Health and Dental benefits are two of the most popular things that come to mind when people think of personal benefits. The health portion often includes, prescription drugs, chiropractic visits, massage therapy, eyeglasses, etc, that kind of thing. Most people that have dental coverage have basic coverage including examinations, fillings, x-rays, etc. Some are lucky enough to carry extended benefits that may even include root canal work and crowns. The coverage is not inexpensive.



These types of benefits are well used. Now the question is, if you don’t have group benefits at work, can you get this type of coverage individually or for your family? The answer is yes. The Benefit Guys deal with a number of insurance companies that offer these benefits. Just drop us a note on the Client Data page and we will get to you promptly with a quote and further information. Don’t forget to tell us how you would like us to get back to you.

If you are running a small corporation in Canada, you may want to consider setting up a Health Spending Account. Through the use of this type of benefit planning, there is a lot of flexibility on the items which can be covered. Click on Health Spending Accounts for more details on these arrangements.

Health and Dental Insurance in Canada is often included in employee benefit packages. If your company is looking for a Health and Dental package, by all means contact us by filling in the Client Data page. Tell us what you are looking for. If you have an existing employee benefit package, The Benefit Guys will be happy to review the program and get current marketplace quotes on your behalf. The Benefit Guys will shop the Canadian insurance market and find what is the most suitable, and properly priced program for your business. It can all be done on line or in person.

Should your business not yet have an employee benefit program of any kind, just get in touch with The Benefit Guys and we would be happy sharing with you information that can help you set up a basic benefit program for your employees. You can start on a basic program for your company and then build on it from there.

If you already have a health and dental program at your company and your costs are getting out of control and you aren’t sure what to do, drop us a note. There are many companies with similar circumstances and there are alternatives available.