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Guaranteed to Issue Insurance

Some people have current health challenges or financial restraints which keeps them from applying for traditional insurance products. A lot of people use the term “buy insurance”, but in reality most people actually apply for coverage of some type. Some self employed people do not have strong enough financial statements to acquire an income replacement program. In past times, those persons had no options but to do without any coverage.

In today’s markets, The Benefit Guys have a number of sources to help in these situations.

If you are looking for some disability coverage and you are challenged with health issues or do not have very strong financial statements, drop us a line. We have access to Guaranteed to Issue injury products that do not require any health statements whatsoever. There are also Guaranteed issue insurance products with a few short questions. The Benefit Guys can work something out for you.

Life insurance that is used for permanent planning or final expense planning, is also available on a guaranteed issue basis. These types of plans usually have a period of two years; if you die, you will get your money back. If, however, you live for a period of two years beyond the time you buy the coverage, your death claim will be paid in full no matter how much time has passed. Since these types of programs take all risks, they are more expensive than the traditional insurance programs. A person should always apply for traditional life insurance first, as it is less expensive if you qualify for it. If you have applied for traditional insurance in the past, and have been declined, and know that you will not be approved, then click on Guaranteed to Issue Final Expense Coverage and you will be directed to a site where you can enroll today.

Critical illness coverage is also available in a limited way. There are certainly a few basic questions that you would need to respond to, but you can easily have a product of this type immediately available. Just click on Critical Illness Plan, if you would like to apply or get a quote online.

If you have any questions about any other types of products that you may have been unable to buy in the past, by all means drop us a note on the Client Data page. Tell us about your concerns and The Benefit Guys will get back in touch by your chosen method of contact and work with you to see if we can find a solution for your particular challenge.