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Gas Price Wars and Benefits Pricing Wars

Gas is $1.25 a litre and this is what a lot of people do. How about you?

• To save $.10 a litre on a regular, or not so regular basis, people will drive across town to save the money. This represents an 8% savings.

• To save $.20 a litre, many people will drive a short distance out of town to fill up. This represents a savings of 16%.

• If you told people they could save as much as $.30 a litre on all their gas purchases over the next 2-3 years, they would be more than eager to find out how. It is a 24% saving.

What does this have to do with benefits?

• In the last couple of years the benefits market has become very competitive. Insurance companies are fighting for market share as technologies are having a bigger influence in the insurance industry. There is a benefits pricing war going on.

• We can probably save you 8% to 38% of your benefits costs whether you have an existing benefits package or are looking at your first benefits package.

• You don't have to drive across town or out of town to take advantage of these monthly savings.

• Why not give John a call right now at 519-622-3347. In a brief five minute phone call, you can easily find out how much you can anticipate saving.

Too busy to call?? Take a minute and send John a short note here. Ask your questions or let him know the best time to call you.

We deal in all types of insurance to do with people. We do not cover "your stuff". We cover the creators and purchasers of "stuff".