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Children, Step Children, Ex Spouses and Benefits

This group of people are very much affected by benefit packages provided by employers. Surprisingly, you can have as many dependents covered on a plan but you are only allowed one spouse. You have to be cautious in this area when a new spouse enters your life, particularly if you have an ex spouse covered by a previous separation or divorce agreement. I have covered this in more detail on my blog located here. Always make sure you check with your plan administrator about your particular circumstances, don't assume anything.

Do You Have Enough Income Replacement Benefits?

Being injured or sick for a long period of time is often referred to as the "living death". You may have traditional "long term disability" benefits on a group or an individual basis. The important question is, "do you have enough?". I don't need to remind anyone how much it costs to live these days.

Perhaps it's time to review your coverage and add some individual supplemental benefits. An example of cost would be only $105 a month for $3000 of tax free injury benefit starting on the first day and paying you to age 70. Increase the waiting period to 120 days and the cost drops to $31.50 per month. You can't afford not to have it. Call John today at 519-622-3347 for a quote on your specific needs.

Inexpensive Term Insurance to Meet All of Your Needs
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