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Benefits in Hard Economic Times

Benefits in Hard Economic Times

What to do??

Most businesses today have had to really sharpen their pencils to compete. Survival means trimming the fat. You are not alone.

The Insurance Industry is not exempt. The industry has sharpened its pencil as well. They may want your company’s business.

Why not let The Benefit Guys go to the marketplace and find out who has the best benefit package available to you and your employees, at the best competitive prices available. We’ll have quotes within 2 weeks.

Is there some fat in your benefit package?? Why not have us take a look at it today?

Don’t miss your RRSP deadline!
March 2, 2009 is your last day.

o Are you thinking a little more conservatively today?
o Want to transfer your investments into a single, easy to understand, guaranteed account?
o Is now the time to spend more time and effort on your business, rather than trying to manage your investments?
o We can help you.
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Can we give you a hand?

Like most business people today, you have a full plate. Often times you could use another hand.

Let The Benefit Guys deal with your employee benefit challenges