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Are Critical Illness Benefits Critical?

A simple explanation of Critical Illness Benefits

• CI is now available as a group benefit with a regular group plan.
• Very affordable on a group basis.
• CI is also now available on an individual basis.
• Pays a defined tax free lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of a critical illness, disease or event. For example heart attack, stroke, cancer, blindness etc.
• The benefit received is not relative to any income requirements.
• You can be assured you will have cash on hand to cover all those expenses you didn't consider like lost spousal income, outside testing and treatment, gas, parking, meals, babysitters, additional supplies etc.
• You may have LTD benefits or savings. They get used up pretty fast because all your regular expenses do continue when a critical illness hits a family member.
• Critical Ilness benefits are not subject to any offsets whatsoever.

One of our founders, John K. just got back to work after being diagnosed and treated for a rare cancer. He lost just over a year of productivity. He had a successful stem cell transplant last year. Send him a personal note with your specific concerns and he will be happy to help you with a personalised answer. John has first hand knowledge about all those hidden expenses when a critical illness hits and he can help you.

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