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Alarming Healthcare Increasing Cost Study

Exponentially Increasing Chronic Care Costs

We have discussed the increasing costs of specialty drugs for the treatment of cancers, hepatitis C, etc., in previous Newsletters. Here are the latest alarming chronic care cost studies:

  • Between 2003-2013, the annual increase in Canadians over age 65 reporting two or more chronic conditions was just 0.2%— compared to 5.2% among Canadians aged 12-64.
  • That is now a 25 times greater incidence in younger people vs the over 65's.
  • Our fast food, sedentary, digitally driven lifestyles have finally caught up!
  • Many companies are now looking at wellness programs to benefit their employees.

As well, the same recent study shows:

  • Prescriptions filled at retail pharmacies nearly doubled between 1999 and 2009: from 272 million to 483 million.
  • Half of all Canadian adults take at least one prescription drug; approximately 15% take four or more drugs. For those with chronic diseases, 37% take four or more drugs.

This is a six year old prescription study period. Today's numbers are substantially higher.

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