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The Benefit Guys Affiliate Advantage

First of all we want to say thank you for taking the time to review our site and get an idea of our business philosophy.

We should probably give you a little background on the Benefit Guys.  We are a licensed MGA situated in beautiful Southern Ontario in the Great Lakes Region.  The Founders have 48+ years experience in the life insurance business.  Most of it, “on the street”.  We believe that marketing is as important as service; maybe more.

We are Independent Insurance Brokers.  We work with Independent Brokers.  One of our core values is that you can still do business in a timely, honest, simple and fair fashion.  There is enough to go around.

Broker Affiliation with the Benefit Guys is a fair experience.  As an MGA we do more than provide back office support and fair compensation.  We believe the MGA should be a business partner with their Affiliates.  The Benefit Guys offer good markets and a great bonus structure.  But it’s the other things that really count!  Think of us as an MMGA, a Marketing and Managing General Agency.

The Benefit Guys are aware of the challenges of doing business with the 21st Century Consumer.  The old adage of “wrapping a fence around your client” is just that, old thinking, and it doesn’t work.  The internet has changed everything.  The internet has opened the corral forever.  The 21st century insurance consumer now does their own homework.  They search for current information and a “local” broker they have confidence in.  They want immediate, simple and straight answers.

The Benefit Guys are committed to “search engine optimization”, SEO.  What does that mean?  Quite simply, when people type “life insurance” into their search engine, The Benefit Guys are committed to show up on page one.  It matters.  That’s as far as most people will look today for an answer, no matter what they are looking for, and insurance is no exception.

The Benefit Guys are committed to continue to offer an online shopping experience for the consumer.  We are prepared to share those opportunities with our affiliates, and are prepared to continue to share leading edge marketing technologies with our Affiliates.

Take advantage of our powerful Affiliate search engine on our home page, .  Pick your province and your city.  Think of the advantage of having your own home page?  Publish your services, your company and your local contact information.  The Benefit Guys is a brand people remember.

We offer a personalised monthly prospecting and client Newsletter for our Affiliates’ areas.  We offer you a great profile with your own personalised website for promotion.  We offer a simple, easy to follow website for the consumer.

The way business is done today has changed.  Can we help you add to your success?  You bet we can!

Whether you run a P&C operation, specialise in investments, or only want to use us for our Travel Insurance specialties it doesn’t matter.  There is definitely an advantage to be affiliated.

Take a minute and complete the Broker Inquiry and we will immediately return a brochure which explains more fully the advantages of affiliating with The Benefit Guys.  We anticipate hearing from you soon.