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Added Value

This is an area in our website you can book mark and come back to regularly.  We are keeping it light and practical.  In today’s crazy world we thought you would appreciate some practical home and family values in many different areas. Rather than sending ideas to you and filling up your in box and your junk snail mail, we are centralizing a place where you can come at your leisure whenever you want.

If you need an idea for a nice home cooked meal, want to experience some so called “deep thought”, or just have a good laugh, stop in and take your pick.

If you have an old family traditional recipe you’d like to share, send it along.  We’ll make it, video it, eat it, enjoy it and share it with others.  We won’t even take the credit.

Recipes For Food

Our heritage is Hungarian.  We love home cooking.  Isabell, (aka Big Toni) is a great cook and a very practical person.  We are sharing many of our personal recipes and tips for running a good old fashioned home with all the modern techniques.  In today’s busy world where everything is instant, we want to share with our readers the “non instant” things which are worth some effort.  Family traditions are returning.  We would like to share a lot of ours with you.


Recipes For Life

This section will offer a couple of selections where you can just have some fun, have a good laugh, or get some inspirational perspective.  We have collected so many philosophies, ideas, and life tidbits over the years from clients and friends that we keep saving for a rainy day.  They are worth sharing and we are posting these for those who want to take a look.

If you have some things about life and living that somehow impacted you, send them along to us and we will post for others to enjoy.